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Commercial Sump Pump Repair and Replacement in Ventura, CA

Sump Pump Services for Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties

Serving Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, and surrounding areas, Rooter Solutions specializes in sump pump repair, replacement, and maintenance. Business owners count on us for emergency sump pump service to resolve any type of problem. Sump pumps should be serviced, cleaned, and tested every few months or professionally checked when there are signs of potential trouble.

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When Should I Call a Sump Pump Emergency Service?

Sump pumps are designed to turn on when water intrudes, whether from rainwater or other outside sources or a leak in your plumbing, preventing floods. When the pump fails, serious problems can occur. The outcome can be devastating to your business. A power failure can disable the sump pump, but other signs of trouble include:

  • The pump can’t keep up with the volume of water flowing in.
  • It is running but there’s no water in the sump pit.
  • The pump or pit is clogged with dirt and debris.
  • The float switch is jammed.
  • Discharge lines are clogged or frozen.
  • The sump pump runs too often or doesn’t stop.

Do I Need a Sump Pump Cleaning Service?

Sump pumps are prone to getting clogged with dirt and debris. The float switch, other mechanical parts, and the sump pit can get clogged up, as can discharge lines. Cleaning a sump pump is a delicate process, and you must be sure no power source is connected. It’s best to call a professional because the cleaning process requires personal protection and a series of steps to protect the pump and its sensitive parts. A service technician knows the most common areas to clean and can inspect the system for damage to determine if any repairs are needed.

Who Do I Call for Sump Pump Installation?

A sump pump is a sophisticated, sensitive piece of equipment, so it is best to have a professional install one. You are better off not attempting a DIY project if you haven’t tried it before. The professional installers at Rooter Solutions have experience with all types of pumps and what can happen during the process. They can determine why your old sump pump isn’t working. Best of all, they can provide a new model quickly and verify it is working properly once the job is complete. 

If the sump pump is installed incorrectly or has any defective components, your business will be prone to basement flooding and water damage. We can provide specialized solutions if your business is at a greater risk of flooding. A battery backup sump pump can be installed if the current system runs whenever it rains, power outages are frequent in your area, or a number of valuables are kept in a finished basement. The system will continue running even when the power is out, providing additional protection against flooding.

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How Long Do I Have Left on My Sump Pump? 

Our technicians can fix nearly any problem they find with your sump pump, and extend its life. Although regular service can keep your system going longer, how long it lasts depends on how often it runs. A sump pump that runs only occasionally may last 10 years; one that operates nearly continuously may wear out after 5 years. Main sump pumps that run without a battery- or water-powered backup generally don’t last as long as others supported by a backup system. As for component failure, keep a watch on moving parts such as the float switch, as they tend to fail first.

Call Rooter Solutions for Sump Pump Service

At Rooter Solutions, our plumbing technicians possess the knowledge and experience to maintain, repair, and inspect all types of sump pumps. We can help whether it’s time for regular sump pump cleaning or determine if something is not working right. Emergency sump pump service will help prevent a flood from causing serious damage to your business or commercial property.

Don’t risk costly mistakes or additional damage to the system. Call Rooter Solutions at (805) 329-3345 to schedule service and receive a free estimate and inspection—today!

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