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Bottled water is filtered and thus healthy to drink. But over time, it can be costly and time consuming. Now, you can avoid trips to the store and long lines, and receive highly filtered, alkaline water from every home faucet.

Let us introduce you to HALO Water Systems. The leading brand of water quality products incorporates the latest technologies, so you can get the best water filtration in Santa Barbara that’s available. Water treatment facilities often add chlorine to disinfect water, but it can leave your tap water tasting and smelling bad. Lead, arsenic, and traces of pharmaceuticals have been detected in drinking water, as have many types of viruses, bacteria, and parasites. You can therefore see why having a water filtration system can protect the health of your family.

Impurities in your water supply can also cause everything from pipe corrosion and buildup to stains on kitchenware and clothing. HALO’s water treatment products include water conditioning systems that remove minerals often present in the water supply. Water filtration installation can also balance the pH water to minimize pipe corrosion and remove unwanted salts. When combined, water conditioning and treatment systems can make cleaning dishes, doing laundry, or taking a bath much more effective.

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A Filtration System That Suits Your Household

At Rooter Solutions Santa Barbara, we install every type of product from HALO Water Systems. These include whole house water filtration systems that provide clean water for every faucet, fixture, and appliance in your home. Under counter filtration systems are available too if you need fresh drinking water from a single faucet. We can help you select from a wide range of products and options depending on the state of your home water supply. Some require no maintenance and are so effective you’ll never think of buying bottled water ever again!

HALO products can purify water using carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, and scale inhibiting technologies. They also include an ion exchange water softener and a UV disinfecting/sterilizing system. Whether you need a simple solution or a multi-stage water filtration system in Santa Barbara, we can find the right HALO product and install it for you. This means if you experience or learn there is a water quality problem in your home, the issue can be resolved as soon as the system is installed.

Determining the Kind of Water Filtration System You Need

There are a number of reasons you might find yourself interested in water filtration service:

  • You’ve just purchased a new home and want to ensure good water quality.
  • Tap water tastes strange or has a “chemical” odor.
  • You’re concerned about the health and safety of your water (chemical leaching, water-borne diseases, etc.).
  • Hard water is affecting your skin, hair, and nails.
  • Dishes aren’t coming out clean (water spots, film, etc.).
  • Water appears discolored or cloudy, even staining clothing.
  • You want to minimize utility costs and maximize the lifespan of appliances.

HALO Water Systems offer a broad range of filtration options to meet any and all needs you may have. If your water tests too acidic, their acid neutralizer system can help. If you want generally cleaner water throughout your home, you might choose a whole-house carbon filter system. They even offer a 2-stage under-counter system that you can install at a single tap for drinking water. 

HALO also offers a variety of water conditioning products. With ion-exchange softeners, water heater protection systems, and more, you can eliminate hard water and limescale buildup. You might also consider the H2 ZERO, a whole-house filtration and conditioning system that covers all your bases with zero electricity usage, zero waste, and zero maintenance.

Find Out Exactly What Your Needs Are Through Testing

If you’re experiencing poor water quality or unusual symptoms, it’s a good idea to consider having your water tested. At-home testing kits can help confirm hardness and identify some contaminants, but a professional test from Rooter Solutions can provide much more thorough results. Once the issues have been diagnosed, we can walk you through your options and take care of water filtration installation.

To schedule an appointment, call our team today at (805) 329-3345 or reach out online.

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Schedule a Water Test Today

Do you know what level of water conditioning or filtration you need? Rooter Solutions—in promoting water quality awareness—performs fast, simple, and free water tests with every service call. We can tell you exactly what is in your water and the filtration/conditioning product that is best for you. Please watch our video below to learn more about HALO Water Systems, the leading water filtration brand in the U.S.

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