Leaky Faucet Repair Work

Stop the Constant Dripping

Are you about to go crazy from an incessantly leaky faucet? Our Ventura and Santa Barbara plumbing services can provide you with a solution. Faucet leaks are normal occurrences that happen over time as a faucet gets old and requires repairs. When water causes rust, it can damage your fixtures over a long period of time. At times, the damage can be so severe that the faucet will not even turn on.

Our experienced workers can repair and replace all types of faucets, including:

  • Compression
  • Cartridge
  • Disc
  • Ball

A leaky faucet can be easy to ignore; however, do not allow the problem to go unrepaired because doing so will lead to greater problems and a huge waste of water in the long run. We use professional equipment to repair or replace any part of the sink that needs work. Whether you are looking to service the faucet in your bathroom or kitchen, we have over a decade of experience repairing various fixtures. Call us today at (805) 212-9422 to request a free estimate!

Leaky Faucets