Professional Plumbing Services in Ventura County

Affordable Residential and Commercial Plumbing Services

Homes and businesses in Ventura County requiring a plumber can depend on Rooter Solutions for help. Our experienced technicians can offer professional advice and provide installation, maintenance, and repair work anytime. Whether you have a drain backup or leak in your house or plumbing issues put the profitability and productivity of your business on the line, our licensed plumbers can assess and fix small- and large-scale problems.

Our Ventura County Plumbing Services

If you live or do business in Thousand Oaks, Ventura, Simi Valley, or any other community in Ventura County, our technicians can reach you quickly. Our exceptional service guarantee ensures your home or office will be functional and safe after our visit. Ventura County customers rely on the following services:

  • Drain cleaning – Slow drains in your kitchen, bathroom, or floor should be serviced. Years of buildup can cause clogs, but our technicians safely remove any obstructions and check for hidden damage.
  • Water heater repair, replacement, and inspections – Receive routine maintenance or a repair to restore your water heater. Our plumbers can flush your water heater if necessary or provide an efficient replacement.
  • Tankless water heater installation/service – We install tankless water heaters, which are more efficient than traditional heaters and deliver a reliable supply of hot water.
  • Sewer line service – Our technicians can repair and replace sewer lines without digging up your yard. We’ll identify clogs, breaks, and cracks with advanced imaging methods and clear obstructions with techniques such as water jetting.
  • Faucet leaks – Leaky faucets waste water and, at the very least, sound annoying. Whether you have a disc, compression, ball, or cartridge faucet, we can fix the problem.
  • Toilet repair/replacement – You can depend on our plumber to find a blockage clogging your toilet, repair a leak, or replace a toilet with a more efficient, dependable unit.
  • Garbage disposal service – Allow us to fix your stinky, noisy, or malfunctioning garbage disposal. We can correct any problem so you don’t risk costly DIY mistakes.
  • Slab leaks – A persistent leak can show up as water usage and raise your water bills. If you have a hidden crack in your foundation, we can find it and repair your slab leak, avoiding further interior and structural damage.
  • New installations – Our technicians are experienced at installing toilets, sinks, faucets, garbage disposals, water heaters, and any other type of plumbing fixture.

Commercial Plumbing Services You Can Trust

As a business owner, you may feel pressured to overlook small issues or risk disturbances to your operation. Our plumbing services in Ventura County include fast, efficient work. Fully licensed technicians work quickly and can get the job done without disturbing your business.

Rooter Solutions provides emergency repair work while treating your building and grounds with care. Our proven track record is evidence we care about all our customers. For many years we’ve been helping businesses, which rely on our free consultations and quality of service. No matter how big or small the problem is, we work to improve the performance, reliability, and safety of your business and can explain the problem and solution in a way you can understand.

We provide quality service to businesses of any size and can fix any plumbing problem. Whether you require drain cleaning or pipe repair or replacement, or a backflow inspection or sump pump service, our Ventura County technicians can help. At Rooter Solutions, we employ efficient equipment and advanced technology to deliver the highest quality of service. Call 805-212-9422 today to ask questions, schedule service, or receive a free estimate on plumbing service for your home or business.